Migration from 1.x

Migration from urlwatch 1.x should be automatic on first start. Here is a quick rundown of changes in 2.0:

  • URLs are stored in a YAML file now, with direct support for specifying names for jobs, different job kinds, directly applying filters, selecting the HTTP request method, specifying POST data as dictionary and much more

  • The cache directory has been replaced with an SQLite 3 database file “cache.db” in minidb format, storing all change history (use --gc-cache to remove old changes if you don’t need them anymore) for further analysis

  • The hooks mechanism has been replaced with support for creating new job kinds by subclassing, new filters (also by subclassing) as well as new reporters (pieces of code that put the results somewhere, for example the default installation contains the “stdout” reporter that writes to the console and the “email” reporter that can send HTML and text e-mails)

  • A configuration file - urlwatch.yaml - has been added for specifying user preferences instead of having to supply everything via the command line